Texas Beekeepers Against Texas House Bill 1293

Welcome to Save Texas Beekeepers, a site for informational and activism-related content pertaining to the flaws and shortcomings of Texas House Bill 1293.

Texas House Bill 1293 amends the existing Texas Agriculture Code Chapter 131. We encourage you to read the law and the bill; our side-by-side comparison of Chapter 131 with and without 1293 may be of help. Please consider browsing some of the analysis, critique, and commentary provided under the “Posts & News” section of this site as well.

The sponsors of this site believe that though the current Chapter 131 is flawed, the changes proposed to Chapter 131 by the initial filing of H.B. 1293 are a significant setback from the current law.  A list of seven issues with House Bill 1293 has been presented to King’s office and TBA. Amendments have been discussed, and some consensus has been reached. Keep an eye on the site, as we hope to see an amended version of 1293 in the near future.