Historic Bee Supplier, BeeWeaver, Takes a Stand on HB1293

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Dear All,

We don’t typically solicit fellow beekeepers and/or customers to support or oppose specific political positions or urge them to contact their representatives and speak out on proposed legislation, but we’ve learned of a bill that has been introduced in the current Texas legislative session that directly affects beekeepers – so we’re alerting you to that development and expressing our deep concern with the potential impact of this bill as proposed.

We encourage you to acquaint yourselves with HB 1293. There is a claim by some that this is bill was endorsed by the Texas Beekeepers Association, when in fact the TBA Board never voted to approve the bill or the amended statutory language prior to bill’s introduction.  More than that, the bill’s proponents adamantly refused to share the proposed language of the bill with the TBA membership at the last annual meeting in November, 2016, though promised to do so before the bill was introduced.  That promised public notice never occurred either. The TBA is supposed to be a democratic organization, but this process was not democratic and violated the TBA’s own governance procedures. For these reasons alone this bill, as written, should be defeated.

More than that, while we recognize that the Texas Bee Law needs to be changed, the language in HB 1293 is substantively flawed, so much so that we believe it must be amended extensively, or else defeated.

You can find documents discussing HB 1293, developed by a group that has emerged in opposition to HB 1293, at savetexasbeekeepers.org, You will find a document showing you why the bill is problematic, and an outline of what might be done to rectify the current problems with the Bee Law as written and fix HB 1293, too. We urge you take time to reflect on this pending legislation.  If you find these developments and this legislation as alarming and objectionable as we do, then please contact your Texas State Representative and Texas Senator, and speak out in opposition to HB 1293 as currently written.

For Bees and their Keepers,
Laura & Danny Weaver
BeeWeaver Apiaries

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