TVBees & Metro to Host DFW Area Beekeeping Conference

2018 DFW Area Beekeeping Conference
DFW Area Beekeeping Conference will be held in the Metroplex October 27.
Hagee Communications Center
499 East University Avenue
Waxahachie, Texas 75165

Hagee Communication Center is located 30 minutes from downtown Dallas & 50 Minutes from downtown Ft. Worth on the campus of SAG University

  Metro Beekeepers TVBA  

Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association of Dallas and Metro Beekeepers Association of Fort Worth are joining forces to conduct the First Annual Metroplex wide beekeeping conference.

Notable speakers from across the State of Texas and beyond will be sharing their expertise in areas ranging from beginner topics to intermediate and advanced subject matter.

  Michael Bush
Les Crowder
  Author Michael Bush Author Les Crowder  

Featured speakers Les Crowder, the author of Top-Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honeybee Health and Michael Bush, the author of The Practical Beekeper will be conducting multiple talks ranging from Top Bar Hive to pest control management options.

  8:15 A.M. Registration  
  8:45 A.M. Welcome & Opening Remarks  
  9:00 A.M. Program Topics
(Click here for Schedule)
  5:00 P.M. Door Prizes  
  Basic Topics

  • Basic Terminology, Site Selection & Apiary Setup
  • How To Get Bees & What To Put Them In
  • Pests & Diseases
  • Bee Biology: How They Work Without Us
  • Hive Setup & Installation, Inspections, Feeding
  • Winter Is Coming

General Topics

  • “Products of the Hive” By Michelle Kerr-Pankonien
  • “Texas Bee Law” By Mary Reed
  • “Nothing New” By Michael Bush
  • “Nutrition Management For Robust Populations” By Lance Wilson
  • “Pitfalls of First-Year Beekeeping” By Dennis Gray
  • “Top Bar Hives & Naturalistic Management” By Les Crowder
  • “Beescapes” By Becky Bender
  • “Splitting Your Hives” By Michelle Kerr-Pankonien
  • “Harvesting Honey”
  • “Varroa Mites” By Mary Reed
  • “Beekeeping Seasons” By Christi Baughman
  • “Sustainable Beekeeping w/ Nucs” By Joe Lewis
  • “Queen Rearing”
  • “Top 10 Best Beekeeping Practices” By Lance Wilson
  • “Swarms, Swarming, & Swarm Management” By Ryan Giesecke
  • “4 Simple Steps to Healthier Bees” By Michael Bush
  • “How Taking Photos Made Me a Better Beekeeper” By Thien Gretchen
  • “Fall Management” By Tom Atwood
  • “Fights About Mites” By Ryan Giesecke
  • “Instrumental Insemination” By Dennis Gray

$40.00 Admission if purchased on or before Sept 15th


$50.00 Admission after Sept 15th

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