Web Hosting Service Offering announcement By Lone Star Beekeepers Association

Lone Star Beekeepers Association announced its formation last month and that it is accepting memberships.  LSBA is a state wide incorporated non-profit beekeeping association whose mission is to support beekeeping activities of all sizes and give beekeepers a voice in local and statewide regulatory issues in Texas.

Among the membership types is an associate membership category for businesses, allied professionals and local beekeeping associations.

A great benefit of being an LSBA associate member is a free web hosting service is included.  Clubs, associations & bee related businesses and individuals can maintain a professional looking website under their own custom registered domain name.  In addition up to 10 Lone Star Beekeepers Associatione-mail addresses are also provided under that custom registered domain name.  Associate members can use e-mail addresses such as info@mybeebusiness.com or president@localbeeclub.org to make it easier for members to conduct club activities or business.

Further information on membership and the web hosting service can be found on website http://www.lonestarbeekeepers.org/memberships/#AssociateMembership

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