Texas Beekeepers Association Resolves to Pursue Bee Bill for 2019 Legislature

At the TBA annual membership meeting held in November during the 2017 TBA conference in Temple, TX the TBA membership unanimously approved a resolution to pursue legislation to update Chapter 131 of the Texas Agriculture Code.  This resolution signals the start of a third attempt in as many bi-annual Texas legislature sessions to improve Chapter 131.


The resolution adopted in the membership meeting reads:

Whereas TBA recognizes that the current Texas apiary regulations under Chapter 131 of the Texas Agriculture

code are outdated and in need of updating,

Be it Resolved that TBA will continue to consider and pursue updates to Chapter 131 to the 2019 Texas

Legislature for their implementation.


The actions taken so far by the TBA board towards that end was to create a committee to focus on the effort.  This committee is chaired by TBA director Tanya Phillips.  Supposedly committee will be meeting to determine key issues that sensitive to Texas Beekeepers.

Among the issues important to beekeepers are stream-lining the permitting process, clarification on which diseases and pests and severity of infestation the chief apiary inspector can order treatment, quarantines or seize and destroy orders, expanding the allowed equipment that beekeepers may use to to remove unwanted bee from structures, and types certifications  required for selling or importing bees.


No further actions by TBA or the TBA committee towards this end are known at this time.